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Given below is the scientific name of Mango. Identify the correctly written name.

Mangifera Indica

Mangifera indica 

In binomial nomenclature, the generic name of a species always starts with a capital letter whereas the specific name starts with a small letter. Therefore, the correct scientific name of Mango is Mangifera indica.


What do we learn from identification of individuals and populations? 

The knowledge of characteristics of an individual or its entire population helps in the identification of similarities and dissimilarities among the individuals of the same kind or between different types of organisms. It helps to classify organisms in various categories depending upon these similarities and dissimilarities.


What different criteria would you choose to classify people that you meet often?

To classify a class of forty students, let us start the classification on the basis of sexes of the students. This classification will result in the formation of two major groups- boys and girls. Each of these two groups can be further classified on the basis of the name and surnames.

Since there is still some chance that more than one student can have the same surname, the final level of classification will be based on the roll numbers of each student.


Why are the classification systems changing every now and then?

Millions of plants, animals, and microorganisms are found on earth, many of which are still unclassified. Scientists keep on discovering new species  around the world. Some of these cannot be placed in the traditional classification system.  Therefore, to classify these newly discovered species, with new characters, new systems of classification have to be devised every now and then. 


Why are living organisms classified? 

The huge diversity found in the living beings and the vast number of organisms make their study very difficult. It is almost impossible to study each organism separately. Classification helps in the systematic study of the living beings. Therefore, the biological classification helps in revealing the relationship between various organisms. It also helps in making the  study of organisms easy and organized.