What are the career options in physical education?

Career options in physical education;

  1. Teaching Career:-
    1. Elementary school level
    2. Middle school level
    3. High school and senior secondary level
    4. College and university level
  2. Coaching Career:-
    1. Administration related career
    2. Physical education department
    3. Sports department
    4. Industrial recreation
    5. Sports facilities
  3. Healthy related career:-
    1. Healthy Club
    2. Athletic training
  4. Performance related career:-
    1. As Professional players
    2. As official
  5. Career in Communication and Media:
    1. Sports journalism
    2. Book publication
    3. Sports photography
    4. Sports board casting

What is the aim of physical education ?

The Aim of physical education is all-round development of the personality of the individuals.

What do you mean by physical education?

The aim of physical education is to make every child physically, mentally and emotionally fit and also to develop in him such personal and social qualities as will help him to live happily with others and build him up a good citizen.

What are the main objectives of physical education?

  1. Physical development: Development of organ systems such as circulatory system, nervous system, muscular system, digestive system etc.
  2. Mental development: Physical activities require alertness of mind, deep concentration and calculated movement. This objective is related to the mental development of an individual.
  3. Social development: This objective is related to the development of social traits, which are essential for better adjustment in life. It is a better source for attaining the qualities like. Co-operation, fair play, sportsmanship, tolerance, and sympathy.
  4. Neuro Muscular Co-ordination: This objective is centered with a better relationship between nervous system. Education provides ample opportunities for physical neuromuscular coordination.
  5. Emotional Development: The emotional development of an individual is also one of the major objectives of physical education. Every individual has various types of emotions viz. Pleasure, hope, jealousy, hatredness, fear, depression, anger, wonder, lust, loneliness etc.
  6. Development of Health: This develops healthy related habits through health education. This also provides education about the prevention of communicable diseases.

What do you mean by sports journalism?

Through sports journalism, we mean that we can gather information regarding all sports activities and to collect different types of material required for physical education. Such physical education teachers who have skill in communicating by oral or writing can avail the career option in the field of sports journalism.