What is adaptive physical education?

Through adaptive physical education students are encouraged to participate in safe, satisfactory physical activities.

How can we implement inclusive education in physical education?

Special Olympics believes in the power of sport and in the power of young people to build a more inclusive world. In a high-quality Inclusive, Physical Education classroom students recognize their abilities to create inclusive communities as they learn to value difference and appreciate each individual's unique gifts and talents.
Peer to peer teaching is a fundamental strategy for implementing successful Inclusive Physical Education programs, but it is important that it should be implemented in a truly inclusive manner and grounded in equality.
An inclusive peer to peer teaching model provides opportunities for students of all abilities to participate as leaders in some way, reinforcing and confirming the potential of every student to lead and contribute meaningfully.

What is the role of school counsellor in special education?

  1. The role of a school counsellor is to help all students, including those with special needs, to achieve their full potential. Introducing an appropriate individualized education programme (IEP) an early age can make all the difference, not only in these children’s academic learning but in their emotional health and social adjustment and ultimately in their ability to become productive, contributing member of society.
  2. Counselling sessions with special education students.
  3. Encouraging family involvement in IEP.
  4. Counselling with and working with other school staff to better understand the child's special needs.
  5. Collaborating with other school and community professionals like, teachers, school, psychologist, physical therapist and occupational thrapist etc.
  6. Identifying other students who should be assessed to determine the eligibility for special education.

Write a note on special Olympic Bharat?

This organization was established in 2001, It's aim was to increase the participation of differently abled person's in games and sports. It's another objective was to develop leadership, quality and healthy. This organization organizes sports competition at state level. It also serves talented players and trains them for international games. After 2002, about 23,750 participants have participated in national games. Between 1987 and 2013, a total of 671 Indian athletes participated in Olympic. They won 246 Gold medals, 265 Silver medals, 27 bronze medals and they raised the glory of the country in the world.
Today around 1 million athletes are the members of this organization and 84905 coaches train these athletes. This organization does the all round development of the players through games and sports. 

Which principles are required to be followed to make the adapted physical education effective? Explain.

  1. Medical Examination: It is very important for the success of a programme related to a dated physical education. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find out what kind of  disability, the student is suffering from. Therefore, it is imperative to conduct a medical examination of the students.
  2. Programmes according to the interest of the students: Programmes should be made keeping in mind the interest, capacity and previous experience of the students. The teachers should also have deep knowledge about it, then only they can make any successful programme.
  3. Equipment should be appropriate: Students should be provided with pieces of equipment as per disability concerned, for example, students suffering from visual impairment should be given a ball with the bell so that they may catch the ball as it rolls because of the sound. Thus such students can make out. The direction and distance of the ball.
  4. Proper Environment: The play area also should be limited because of the limited speed capacity of the children, for example, speech impaired children are given rest in between the games. The play area should be limited to top smaller area.
  5. Modification of rules: Rules and regulation of the game and sports should be modified depending on the specific needs of students. In order to learn a new skill, they may be given extra time, extra effort, extra rest and 2 marks in place of 1 mark. Thus, they might be given the opportunity for all-round development.

Explain the concept of Inclusion.

A defining characteristic of an excellent physical education program is that it includes students with a diverse range of abilities, needs, interests and learning styles in meaningful learning experiences. The term Inclusive Physical Education reflects a program where respect and acceptance of all students, specifically students with disabilities, is an essential component of the classroom environment and teaching strategies.

Inclusion is about creating a classroom in which every student is welcomed, valued, respected and enabled to reach his her full potential. In a successful Inclusive Physical Education program, all students are fully engaged in instructional activities, sharing equally and learning together. Although the activities may be modified or adapted, students with disabilities learn the same concepts, skills, and content as all other students in the class. The result is educational equity and access for all students!

Inclusive Physical Education requires educators to believe in the concept that success for each student can be different. The educator must be willing to modify and adapt lessons and activities to ensure that every student learns and achieves success at his own pace and according to his own abilities. Educators see the abilities of all students as contributing to the whole class. Effective teaching for students with disabilities is basically the same as effective teaching for all students.