Explain any four importance of test, measurement & evaluation in detail?

The four importance in the physical education field are given below of test, measurement & evaluation:

  1. To frame the objectives: Test and Measurement helps in setting the target or goal according to the need and requirement. By adopting the Test and Measurement techniques the physical education teachers gets an accurate idea about the progress made by the students.
  2. To evaluate the learners: In the field of physical education and sports, Test and Measurement helps in collection of data which further helps in evaluating the learners ability separately. It also helps the sportsperson in enhancing his sports performance.
  3. To evaluate teaching programme: Test and Measurement is a scientific tool which helps the teacher to adopt correct methodology upon the sportsman so that desired results may be achieved.
  4. To discover the needs and requirements of the participants: Needs of the participants are correctly assessed by the scientific approach of Test and Measurement. It helps in knowing where more emphasis is needed so that target may be achieved.

Explain the procedure of skinfold measurement in detail.

Skinfold measurements are also called as fatfoid thickness. These measurements provide the information or data of the thickness of double folds of the skin and sub cutaneous adipose tissue at specific sites of the body. In simple words, skinfold provides the information about general fatness of the body.

The procedure of skinfold measurements is as under:

  1. The arm of the subject or child should be hung loosely. Stand behind the subject and pull the vertical skinfold about 1/2 inch from the spot already marked. Keep the skinfold caliper perpendicular to the length of the fold centering the mark. Record the measurement to the nearest millimeter.
  2. Sub scapula skinfold:
    After locating the marked point on the subscapular region, pull a skin fold for about 34 inch above and keep the skin fold caliper perpendicular to the length of skinfold. Release the capilar and note the measurement to the nearest millimeter.
  3. Suprailiac skinfold:
    The subject should stand straight with his feet together and arms relaxed. Pull a skinfold 34 inch above the marked point with the thumb and index finger. The skinfold caliper should be kept perpendicular to the length of skin fold. Release the caliper and note the reading on the dial to the nearest of millimeter and record it.
  4. Abdomen skinfold: After locating the already marked point, pull a horizontal skinfold to about 34 inch. Place the skinfold caliper perpendicular to the length of skinfold. Release the caliper and note the reading the nearest of millimeter and record it.
  5. Thigh skinfold: The person is made to stand with his weight on the left leg and right leg forward with knee slightly bent. Grip a skinfold on the already marked area on the mid-thigh. Place the skinfold caliper and note the reading to the nearest of millimeter and record.

What do you mean by a test ?

A test is a tool which is used to evaluate the quality, performance and reliability of the task completed by a person.

Explain in detail the importance of Test and Measurement and Evaluation in the field of games and sports?

In the field of games of sports programme. It is important to select a target. If a person desires to improve himself in different aspects of fitness. He will have to undergo fitness programmes.
Test, Measurement & evaluation in physical education are the devices that are needed to collect the details regarding the needs, abilities, and altitudes of a sports person.
A test is basically a situational presentation, where specific responses are collected from the subject. These responses are measured both qualitatively and quantitatively.
Measurement is about the collection of data as performance or task and completed by a sports person by using test and scientific techniques.
Evaluation is the process of physical education that involves a collection of data from the products which can be used for comparison with preconceived criteria to make a judgment.

Importance of Test, Measurement & Evaluation:

The importance of test, measurement & evaluation in the field of games & sports are the following ways.

  1. To frame the objectives: Setting target, goal according to the need and requirement.
  2. To realize that the objectives are achieved or not.
  3. To understand the need, ability, and capacity for any individual.
  4. To evaluate the learner: so that feedback can be given.
  5. To evaluate teaching programme.
  6. For the classification or grading of the students.
  7. To check the progress or improvement of the learner time to time.
  8. For diagnosis of learning program: Bio-mechanics, motor skill and cognitive etc.
  9. Prediction of future performance.
  10. Selection of team or individual events and a player.
  11. For an intensive type of research, it is essential.
  12. For the pose of guidance of counselling.
  13. Evaluate different methods of instruction.

Explain the procedure for fixing marks for skin fold measurement.

The marking of skinfold measurement should be proper for taking accurate anthropometric measurements. So, for proper marking of skinfold measurements, the following procedures should be taken into consideration:

  1. Triceps skinfold: The child or adult must stand upstraight with arms relaxed. With the help of a measuring tape mark a point with a pen at the centre of triceps. This is the point or mark from where the skinfold measurement should be done with the help of a skinfold caliper.
  2. Sub Scapula Skinfold: Find out the exact location of scapula. The skin fold area is just below the inferior angle of scapula. Skinfold measurement should be done with the help of skin fold calipers.
  3. Suprailiac skinfold: The intersection of a line joining the spinal and front part of armpit and horizontal line at the level of iliac crest can be marked for skinfold measurement.
  4. Abdomen skinfold: The abdomen muscles of the subject must be relaxed. He may be asked to hold the breath if any movement interferes with the process of measurement. A  point should be marked 3cm to the right and 1 cm below the midpoint of umbilicus.
  5. Thigh skinfold: The child or adult whose measurement is to be taken must sit on a chair with his back completely straight. Now mark a point exactly between the knee cap and the inguinal crease on the thigh for skinfold measurement.