What should be kept in mind while selecting a method of training?

Selection of a method of training has to take into account the specifics objectives of training:

  1. Strength
  2. Endurance
  3. Speed
  4. Agility
  5. Flexibility

Explain the process of stimulus, Recovery and Adaptation?

Our body is made up of millions of very small living cells each type of cell or group of cells performs a different job. All the cells have the ability to adapt to what is happening to the body. There is also an adaptation to the training for games and sports because it helps to increase the sports performance for improving the sports performance the training load has to be increased. Stagnation training load means stagnation in performance. The response by the body is an adaptation to the stimules of the training load. The process of recovery and adaptation returns to the sportspersons not just to his previous fitness level but to an improved level.

What is the role of free play int he development of motor components?

1. Free plays helps the child to explore the surroundings.
2. Various activities of the child like running, jogging, climbing jumping and fine motor movement helps the child the develop his speed, strength, stamier flexibility and coordinative abilities.
3. Free play allows the child to use his creativity while developing his imagination, dexterity, physical, cognitive and emotional strength.
4. Play is important for healthy brain development.
5. All children have the right to play. Play is a process by which the children have a significant impact on child development.

What do you mean by technique and skill Describe?

Technique is defined as the motor procedure for tackling a motor task. Motor procedure should be understood as a system of movement of body parts in a definite sequence thus we can say that technique is the basic movements is always goal oriented. Therefore different techniques are required in different sports, e.g. in shot put the motor task is to put the shot as farad possible. Therefore in sports, the sportsman has to learn  number of technique with possible variation.

Skill: A motor skill is acquired through a long process of motor learning. Technical skills in sports, therefore, represent automatization of motor produce a sportsman tries to learn a technique and though continues and systematic process -15 liable to acquire the skill. In other words, we can say that skill is the capacity of the sportsman to realize the technique in actual motor action.

Monu is a 19-year-old boy who has a fascination for playing cricket right from childhood. Whenever he watches Sachin Tendulkar in the television or reads about him. He gets so much motivated by his ideal and in spite of all odds in Monu's life he does regularly training. Now he is one of the best players of Ranji team from his state.

From where has Monu been motivated for playing cricket?
What values have been inculcated in Monu?
What lesson can you gather after reading about him?

  1. Monu has been strongly motivated by Sachin Tendulkar for playing cricket.
  2. Monu has inculcated in him strong willpower, high aspiration and a dedicated person.
  3. The lesson which we gather after reading about Monu is that to achieve any goal in life. You have to be dedicated, set your target in life, self-confidence and strong perseverance.

Explain the different ways to recover in sports? Why recovery is important?

In order to get fitter or improve in sports, the body needs to be exposed to stress, the body then needs time to adapt to the stresses and for this there must be period of recovery.

New to Exercise: If you're just starting out in exercise, it's important that you build into slowly to allow your body to adapt to the demands of sport. Ifyoujust keep going without any rest, your body will soon start to fatigue and you'll find it difficult to complete any exercise sessions.

Recover Strategies : It's all very well being encouraged to exercise, you're started a new sports or even increased the amount of training you're doing then you need to consider some recover strategies to help your body to adjust.

Rest: It is one of the most important forms of rest and provides time for the body to adapt to the physical and mental demands of training. Make sure of getting enough sleep ensure your sleep is good quality, quite and peace ful. Passive resting such as reading and listening to music are greater ways for the body to relax both physically and mentally.

Nutrition and hydration: Ensuring that the body is fully nourished and hydrate is very much necessary for good recovery. It is most important to replace fluids after exercise and to replenish energy stores by eating the right food at the right time.

Cool down and stretch: The cool down is a group of exercise performed immediately after training to provide an adjustment between exercise and rest. It's purpose is to increase muscular soreness and bring the carpio vascular system backrest.