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What are carbohydrates ?

Carbohydrates are organic compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen where the last two are in the ratio of 2 : 1 same as in water (H20). A carbohydrate is an organic compound which is broken down to release energy. Carbohydrates are represented by a general formula CnH2nOn. For example, C6H12O6 or glucose is an carbohydrate. 

Name one monosaccharide which provides energy ?


What are major elements of a cell ?

Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen are the major elements of a cell.

Give the names of two monosaccharide sugars.

Fructose and glucose are two monosaccharides

What is the general formula of carbohydrates ?

The carbohydrate has a general formula - CnH2nOn Or (CH2O)n.

What is the percentage of nucleic acids in cells ?

5 - 7 percent