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Digestion and Absorption

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Differentiate between digestive tracts of carnivores and herbivores.

Digestive tract of carnivores :

1. Teeth of carnivores are pointed and sharp for killing their prey and tearing it into pieces small enough to swallow.

2. They have large stomach for food storage, since they eat large and infrequent meals.

4. They have shorter small intestine.

Digestive tract of herbivores ;

1. Teeth of herbivores are flat for crushing and grinding plant materials.

2. A herbivore has a smaller stomach, because it eats smaller amounts of food more frequently.

4. They have larger small intestine.



What are Sanguivorous animals ?

The animals which suck blood e.g. leech, vampire bat, female mosquito etc.

What is the function of enamel in digestion?

The enamel helps in the mastication of food.

What is the order of arrangement of teeth in each half of the upper and lower jaw ?

The order of arrangement of teeth in each half of the upper and lower jaw is I,C,PM,M.  I (incisors), C (cannine), PM (premolars), M (molars).

Name the fat soluble vitamins.

Vit A, D, E and  are fat soluble vitamins.

What is Diphyodont ?

Diphyodont is the condition of having two set of teeth during the life of an organism. For example : humans are diphyodont as they have two set of teeth namely temporary milk or deciduous teeth which are replaced by permanent or adult teeth.