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Excretory Products and their Elimination

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Explain the process of haemodialysis

Haemodialysis is the artificial process by which urea is removed from the body of the patient.

i. Blood drained from an artery is
pumped into a dialysing unit after the addition of anticoagulant like heparin.

ii. The unit contains a coiled cellophane tube surrounded by a dialysing fluid having the same composition as that of plasma except the nitrogenous wastes. 

iii. The porous cellophane membrance of the tube allows the passage of molecules based on concentration gradient. As nitrogenous wastes are absent in the dialysing fluid, these substances
freely move out, thereby clearing the blood.

iv. The cleared blood is pumped back to the body through a vein after adding anti-heparin to
it. This method is a boon for thousands of uremic patients all over the world.


What is glomerulonephritis ?

Glomerulonephritis is the inflammation of glomeruli of the kidney. 

 What is uremia ?

Uremia is the accumulation of urea in the blood due to the malfunctioning of the kidneys. The urea accumulation is harmful and may lead to kidney failure. 


What is the ultimate method for the correction of acute renal failure?

Kidney transplant.

Name three uricotelic animals.

The uricotelic animals are
1. Birds
2. Reptiles
3. Insects


What is Bowman's capsule?

The double walled cup like structure present at the starting of the renal tubule is Bowman's capsule. It encloses the glomerulus capsule.