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Excretory Products and their Elimination

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 Describe juxta glomerular feed back circuit to control kidney function.

Juxta glomerular Apparatus (JGA) has a complex regulatory role and it controls multihormonal Renin-Angiotensinogen System (RAAS). It responds to decrease in blood pressure in afferent arteriole of glomerulus. Afferent arteriole's cells release an enzyme called renin into blood stream.

Renin converts angiotensinogen present in plasma into angiotensin II peptide. Functions of Angiotensin II :

1. Angiotensin II is a hormone which increases B.P. by causing arterioles to contract.

2. Angiotensin II also increases blood volume in following two ways.

(a) It signals the PCT to absorb more H20 and more NaCl.

(b) It also stimulates adrenal cortex to release aldosterone which induces the DCT to absorb Naand water.

Therefore, B.P. and blood volume is increased and it completes the feed back circle.


What is Bowman's capsule?

The double walled cup like structure present at the starting of the renal tubule is Bowman's capsule. It encloses the glomerulus capsule. 

 What is uremia ?

Uremia is the accumulation of urea in the blood due to the malfunctioning of the kidneys. The urea accumulation is harmful and may lead to kidney failure. 


What is glomerulonephritis ?

Glomerulonephritis is the inflammation of glomeruli of the kidney. 

Name three uricotelic animals.

The uricotelic animals are
1. Birds
2. Reptiles
3. Insects


What is the ultimate method for the correction of acute renal failure?

Kidney transplant.