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Locomotion and Movement

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 Explain various types of synovial joints.

Synovial joints - These joit s are characterised by the presence of a fluid filled synovial cavity between the articulating surfaces of the two bones. Such an arragement allows considerable movement. The synovial joints help in the locomotion and many other movements.

The different types of synovial joints are :

i. Ball and Socket - In this type of joint the ball-shapped head of one bone articulates with cup-shaped cavity of another. It is found between n humerus and pectoral girdle.

ii. Hinge joint joint - In this type of joint -surface of one bone articulates with concave surface of another. It is found between the carpals.

iii. Saddle joint - Each bone in a saddle joint resembles a saddle, with concave and convex portions that fit together. It is found between the carpal and metacarpal of thumb.

iv. Pivot joint. - This joint consist of the rounded end of one bone fitting into a ring formed by the other bone. It is found between atlas and axis.

v. Gliding joint - It is formed between bones that meet at flat or nearly flat articular surfaces In this type of joint the   It is found between the carpals 



What is the rib cage made of ?

The thoracic vertebrae, ribs and sternum together form the rib cage. 

Total number of pair of ribs?


how many pairs of floating ribs are present in humns?


Which pairs are called false ribs?

8th, 9th and 10th pairs of ribs are called as false ribs or vertebrondral ribs.

What is gout ?

Gout is the inflammation of joints due to accumulation of uric acid crystals.