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Locomotion and Movement

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What are the different types of movement exhibited by the cells of human body ?

Types of movements in cells of human body : The different types of movements exhibited by the cells of human body :

1. Amoeboid movement : Some specialised cells in our body like macrophages and leucocytes in blood exhibit amoeboid movement. ln this type the movement is done by the formation of pseudopodia by the streaming of protoplasm (as in Amoeba). Cytoskeletal elements like microfilamens are also involved in amoeboid movement.

2. Ciliary movement : Ciliary movement occurs in most of our internal tubular organs which are lined by ciliated epithelium. The coordinated movements of cilia in the trachea help in removing dust particles and some of the foreign substances inhaled along with the atmospheric air. Passage of ova through the female reproductive tract is also facilitated by the ciliary movement.

3. Muscular movement : Movement of our limbs, jaws, tongue etc. require muscular movement. The contractile property of muscles are effectively used for locomotion and other movements by human beings and majority of multicellular organisms. Locomotion requires a perfect coordinated activity of muscular, skeletal and neural.


What is the rib cage made of ?

The thoracic vertebrae, ribs and sternum together form the rib cage. 

What is gout ?

Gout is the inflammation of joints due to accumulation of uric acid crystals. 

Which pairs are called false ribs?

8th, 9th and 10th pairs of ribs are called as false ribs or vertebrondral ribs.

Total number of pair of ribs?


how many pairs of floating ribs are present in humns?