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How does water is absorbed by the roots ? Discuss different pathways for its translocation.

Absorption of water : The water is absorbed mainly by diffusion. 

The root hair absorb water a

Transportation : Once water is absorbed it is translocated into deeper layers of root by different pathways as :

(i) Apoplast pathway (ii) Symplast pathway 

(i) Apoplast pathway : It is the pathway which occurs through cell walls. It is non living pathway.

The apoplastic pathway is continuous through walls as well as through intercellular spaces. It does not involve crossing of cell membrane. It does not provide any barrier. Mass flow of water through apoplastic pathway is mainly due to cohesive and adhesive forces.

The casparian strips of endodermis provide check to apoplastic pathway and water has to cross the cell membrane and pass through cytoplasm. The pathway becomes symplast.

(ii) Symplast Pathway : It occurs through interconnected protoplasts. The protoplasts of adjacent cells are connected via plasmodesmata.

The symplastic pathway is slow because of cell membranes and their organelles Symplastic movement may be aided by streaming movement of cytoplasm as in leaf of Hydrilla.

(iii) Vacuolar symplast pathway :  It is the movement of water in the xylem vessels. 


How does water is absorbed by the roots ? Discuss different pathways for its translocation.

Three pathways of water movement inside the root.


Why the cortex produces no resistance to movement of water ?

The cortical cells are loosely packed and produce no resistance to movement of water via cell walls or apoplast.

What is transmembrane pathway ?

The movement of water through cell membranes is called trans membrane pathway.

Who introduced the apoplast—symplast concept ?

E. Munch (1930).

Give the term for the ability to resist a pulling force.

Tensile strength

Why the water is forced to move through cell membrane beyond endodermis ?

Water is forced to move through cell membranes beyond endodermis because of the suberin (waxy substance) present on radial walls of endodermal cells blocks water and solute movement through cell walls of endodermis.