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Indian Economic Development

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Differentiate the six systems of Indian medicine.

Six system of Indian Medicine are:

1. Ayurveda, 2. Yoga, 3. Unani, 4. Siddha, 5. Naturopathy and 6. Homeopathy.


Explain the term 'infrastructure'.

Infrastructure consists of services like transport, communication, banking, irrigation, power etc. which are essential for production of goods.


Explain the two categories into which infrastructure is divided. How are both interdependent?

The infrastructure can be divided into two categories : economic infrastructure and social infrastructure.Economic infrastructure includes energy, transportation, communication etc. Social infrastructure includes education, health and housing.


Discuss the reforms which have been initiated recently to meet the energy crisis in India.

Economic development and population growth are driving the demand for energy faster than what India is producing currently. More investment, better research and development efforts, exploration, technical innovations and use of renewable energy sources can ensure the additional supply of electricity. Private sector has made some progress. It is also necessary to tap this sector to come forward to produce power on a large scale. For example, India is already the world's fifth largest producer of wind energy with more than 95% investment coming the private sector.


What are the various non-commercial sources of energy?

The solar energy, wind energy and tidal energy are the non-conventional energies. India being a tropical country, has almost unlimited potential for producing all three types of energy using cost effective technology. Cheaper electricity can be produced by solar, wind, tidal, firewood and cow dung.