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The author thought that his positive thinking strategy worked well after all.

The author was disappointed with Darchen and had many health problems there. Tsetan had left for Lhasa. He felt lonely and wanted someone to visit Mount Kailash with. Then he met Norbu, a Tibetan who could speak English and also wanted to visit Mt. Kailash. Norbu was also an academician and teamed up with the author. Author's positive thinking worked well as it gave his a new enthusiasm. 


The author's experience at Hor was in stark contrast to earlier accounts of the place. 

According to the author, Hor was a grim, miserable place. The town sat on the shore of Mansarovar. However, there was no vegetation, just dust and rocks.  A Japanese monk who had arrived there in 1900 was moved by the sanctity of the lake and burst into tears. Some years later, Sven Hedin, who wasn't prone to sentimental outbursts, experienced the similar effect.


Tibetan mastiffs were popular in China's Imperial courts.

Tibetian Mastiffs are massive and fearless. They were popular in China's Imperial courts as guards and hunting dogs. They cock their big heads to a stranger approaching and fix them in their sights. 


Give reasons for the following statements.
The article has been titled 'Silk Road'.

In ancient times, the network of trade routes linking Europe and Asia were referred to silk road. Silk was carried to the Europe from China by these land routes. The author travels to Mount Kailash to explore the Himalayas in Tibetian region of China.


The author was disappointed with Darchen. 

The author was disappointed with Darchen because he had some health problems there, couldn't able to breathe well and had a disturbed night due to nasal blockage. The place was dirty, partially derelict and punctuated by heaps of rubble and refuse.