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Do you know of any incident when someone has been brought back to life from the brink of death through medical help? Discuss medical procedures such as organ transplant and organ regeneration that are used to save human life.

Medical science has taken a long stride. Advancement in surgery has brought a revolution in the lives of human beings. People have been brought back to life from the jaws of death through prompt medical help. Organ transplantation and organ regeneration are some of the new medical procedures. They are frequently used to save human lives.

Instances of kidney transplantation are quite common.

I remember one incident where a kidney transplantation saved a human life. There was an appeal from a kidney patient in all the leading newspapers. Both of his kidneys had failed. Prompt transplantation of a healthy kidney could save his life. At last, the man found a donor. The operation was successful. The organ transplantation brought him back to life from the brink of death.


“I have done something: oh, God ! I’ve done something real at last” Why does Andrew say this? What does it mean?

At last, Andrew Manson had some sense of satisfaction. He had saved a precious life. He was a young doctor. Being a doctor, it was his duty to save a life. He saved not one but two lives. First of all, he gave a new lease of life to Susan Morgan. He brought her to safety. But his most creditable work was the saving of Susan’s child. The nurse had put the stillborn child into a heap of old newspapers beneath the bed. She had almost considered him dead. The saving of the child from the sure jaws of death was nothing less than a miracle. Doctor Andrew Manson was able to perform that miracle. He felt contented that at last he had done something real. He gave a new lease of life to the new born of Susan Morgan.

Andrew Manson had done his duty. It was nearly midnight. He found Joe Morgan waiting for him. His wife needed immediate help. Andrew lost no time. He had no idea that this night call would prove unusual. He took no time in deciding what he should do first. First he saved the mother who lay collapsed, almost pulseless. Then he made frantic and heroic efforts to save the child. He performed nothing less than a miracle. He felt relieved and satisfied after doing it.


‘There lies a great difference between textbook medicine and the world of a practising physician.’ Discuss.

Textbook provides specific medicines for the treatment of different diseases. But the reality is stranger than fiction. Therefore, there lies a great difference between textbook medicine and the world of a practising physician. A practising physician has to deal with all kinds of situations. Sometimes the textbook medicines and treatments don’t click. Every doctor has to decide each case on merit. This is exactly what happens with Andrew Manson. He acts not strictly according to the textbook but acts instinctively. The results are wonderful. He saves first the mother and then the child who was considered to be dead.

Andrew Manson has to make a choice. He is torn between his desire to ‘resuscitate the child’ and his obligation toward the mother. No textbook can come to his help. The dilemma is very urgent. He acts blindly and instinctively. He acts on the spur of the moment. He plunges the child into the basins of icy and hot water. The method clicks. A miracle is performed when the almost stillborn child starts gasping and crying.