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Twenty -year-old Meeta got a new job away from home in another town. Detail out two new responsibilities each that she has to take regarding her career and home. Also, state the preparation she would require to face this new situation.

Responsibilities regarding career:

  1. Adjusting to new role and responsibilities.
  2. Getting along with co-workers.
  3. Focus on family needs and money management.

Ways to cope:

  1. Educating herself on job responsibilities through training.
  2. Develop interpersonal and communication skills.
  3. Learn to co-operate.
  4. Be open to suggestions/ seek help.
  5. Manage time efficiently.

Mrs.Verma often gets into trouble with her neighbours because of her anger for which she is repentant later on.Suggest to her four ways by which she can control her anger.

  1. She should divert her attention by listening music, watching television or etc.
  2. She should do meditation.
  3. She should move away from the scene.
  4. She should try to understand the reasons and situations by which anger is created and in future try to avoid those reason.
  5. She should go to a counsellor for anger management.

Present four suggestions to meet the recreational needs of an Eighty-year-old man.

Four Suggestion to fulfil the recreational needs:

  1. Indoor and outdoor games- carrom, ludo, chess, etc.
  2. Take them to public parks and amusement parks
  3. Encourage them to enroll in some hobbies like painting, reading, gardening, etc.
  4. Put on music/ television shows of their choice.
  5. Take them to cinemas, temples etc.


Your grandfather has come to stay with you for six months. Suggest four activities for him which can fulfil his recreational needs.

Four Activities for grandfather which can fulfil his recreational needs are:

  1. He can join the social community.
  2. He can join the yoga club.
  3. He can Play indoor games or outdoor.
  4. He can do gardening.


Compare the responsibilities of married women aged 24 and 50 years in context to their marriage, career, home and family.

Women age 24 50
Marriage Start adjusting with husband and family members. Plan for pregnancy. Children get to settle in their life. Vocation support and guide children's.
Career Maintain relations with office staff, focus on the work and office activities. Ready to learn new things. Be flexible and learn to change according to the situation. Stay strong physically and mentally. 
Home Doing household chores. Good at household chores.
Family Taki a g decision and look after family needs. Supplement family income and take decision.