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Ramesh lives in a village. Write the two advantages that you will tell him about the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA).

MGNREGA provides at least 100 days guaranteed wage employment in each financial year.


List any two responsibilities of the Gram Panchayat under MGNREGA.

(i) Gram Panchayat is responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring the programme.
(ii) Gram Panchayat identifies the work to be undertaken.
(iii) Provide Job card.
(iv) Provide work to the job card holder.


In what two ways have the villagers benefitted from MGNREGA?

  1. MGNREGA Provide at least 100- 150 days of guaranteed wage employment in each financial year.
  2. MGNREGA Will get unemployment allowance if not employed in given time.
  3. MGNREGA build infrastructure for the village, provide toilets, roads, better water supply.

List any two facilities which are provided for the workers at the worksite, under MGNREGA.

Facilities which are provided for the workers at the worksite, under MGNREGA are:
(i) Clean drinking water
(ii) Shed for rest
(iii) First aid box


List two salient features of MGNREGA.

salient features of MGNREGA-

  1. 100 days per year of guaranteed wage employment
  2. Unemployment allowance.
  3. Builds infrastructure like roads, toilets etc.
  4. Run by gram panchayat for a rural area.
  5. It is meant for unskilled labour.
  6. Only job card holders are eligible.
  7. 1/3 rd labour force is women
  8. No contractors allowed.