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Jaspreet kaur, a nurse lives with her parents in Punjab. Briefly explain any four factors which would influence her selection of foods. Tell her four reasons why she should plan meals for her family.

Factors which influence her selection of foods:
  1. Biological determinants such as hunger, appetite and taste.
  2. Economic determinants such as cost, income, availability, etc.
  3. social and cultural determinants such as culture, family, peer and meal patterns.
  4. Psychological determinants such as mood, stress, etc.
Reasons she should plan meals for her family:
  1. Control of the food budget.
  2. Variety is added in different meals which add colour, taste and flavour of food.
  3. Helps to save time, money and energy.
  4. It helps to consider likes and dislikes of all family members.
  5. Meet nutritional requirements of family members.

Define meal planning. Why is it important to plan meals for a family? Give two reasons. Mention four factors to be considered while planning meals for an infant.

Meal Planning: To provide daily nutritional requirements to all the family members at an appropriate time is called meal planning.

Reasons for meal planning:

  1. Helps to plan low-cost foods.
  2. Helps to plan nutritional meals.
  3. Helps to plan the variety of meals.
  4. ensures. enough satiety in meals
  5. Helps to plan attractive meals.

Points to be considered for infants meal:

  1. It should be light and digestible.
  2. Blant properly
  3. It should have no spices
  4. No lumps.
  5. It should be of running consistency and variety in colours.


Meera is a lactating mother, who has been served potato pakoras and Imli chutney for evening tea. Analyse this meal and modify it to meet her nutritional needs. Justify the modification with the appropriate reason.

Analysis: Food is not suitable for her keeping in mind her stage. It is a fried dish which may cause chemical irritation in Gastrointestinal track.


Pakora: Besan chilla with spinach, paneer added in it as stuffing.

Imli Chutney: Mint, chutney, coriander chutney, groundnut or coconut chutney adds more Vitamin A and iron.


  1. Leafy vegetables contain vitamin A and iron.
  2. Paneer adds protein and calcium.
  3. sprouts provide protein, B- complex vitamins and Vitamin C.
  4. Mint and folic acid, required for regeneration of blood cells. 
  5. Corriander contain Vitamin A, Calcium and iron.


A family has been served moong dal, boiled rice , potato and carrot bhajia and chapati for lunch. Evaluate the adequacy of this meal to suit the requirements of a lactating mother and the suitability for a member suffering from diabetes. Support you answer with adequate reasons

Family   Modifications  Reasons 
Moong dal Add some spinach. Dietary fiber, Iron, Vitamin A, D, C,.
Boiled Rice Mix Vegetables Folic acid, zinc
Potato Plain Potato Spicy foods create burning sensation in the digestive system and keep blood sugar levels in healthy ranges.
Carrot bhajia  Less spicy Rich in sugar, healthy fiber with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
Chapati Sorghum roti (Diabetes) 
Paustik roti (Lactating mother)
Rich in dietary fibre, Gluten-free and contains and contains antioxidants.

Protein, fibre, carbohydrates.

Compare any five features of Monthly Income Scheme(MIS) and National Savings Certificate(NSC).

Features  Monthly Income Scheme (MIS)   National Saving Certificate (NSC)
i. Interest   Less rate of interest or 7.8% Higher Interest or 7.9% / 8.1%
ii. Max. Limit Limit of 4.5 lakh in single /9 lakh in joint account No limit of investment
iii. Time of Investment Money can be invested in multiple accounts over a period of time Investment to be done once in lump sum
iv. Minimum deposit Rs. 1500/-

Rs. 100/

vi. Premature withdrawal Can withdraw money before 3 years with penalty Cannot withdraw before the stipulated time.
Tax rebate No tax rebate Tax rebate
Loan Facility No loan facility given Can avail loan against it.
Interest available Interest given on monthly basis Facility not available