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Physical Education & Sports for Differently-Abled

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Physical Education

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Physical Education

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Suggest any five physical exercises as corrective measures for Kyphosis and Lordosis. 

Corrective Exercises Related to Kyphosis
1. Lie on back, ie, in supine position with knees drawn up and feet flat on the ground. Both hands should be at sides. Then move your arms sideways in horizontal position. Palms should be upward. Raise your arms upward over the head, palms still up. Hold this position for some time After that bring your arms back in horizontal position. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times.
2 Lie down in prone position. i.e, on chest with hands on your hips. After that, raise your head and trunk several inches from the ground. Your chin should be in during this exercise Hold this position for some time and then come back in previous position. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times.
3 Sit In a normal position, with a stick held in horizontal position overhead, hands well-spread. After that, lower the stick and then raise it behind head and shoulders. While performing this exercise, keep your head and trunk straight. Repeat this exercise 10 to 12 times.

Corrective Exercises Related to Lordosis
1. Lie down in prone position, with hands under abdomen. Then keep hips and shoulders down, press hands up on abdomen and raise lower back.
2. Bend knees forward while allowing hips to bend back behind, keeping back straight and knees pointed in same direction as feet. Descend until thighs are just parallel to floor. Extend knees and hips until legs are straight. Come back in starting position and then repeat the same.
3 Lunge forward with knee on a mat. Take position of the foot beyond knee. Place both hands on knee. Straighten hips of rear leg by pushing hips forward and hold stretch. Repeat with opposite side.
4. Sit on a chair with feet wide apart, Bend and position your shoulders between knees. Then reach to the floor under back of chair. Hold this position for some duration.
5. Lie in prone position on the floor. Keep the palms of your hands on the floor according to shoulders' width. Push torso up keeping pelvis on floor. Hold this position for some time. Sit down with knees extended, feet together and hands at sides. After that, bend forward, touching the fingers to toes. Hold this position for some time. Then come back and repeat. 


Diet for sportspersons are important. What should be the aims of preparing diet for sportsperson ? 

Aims of preparing diet for sports person: a. Maintaining body weight and body composition desired for that specific sport b. Maintaining adequate pool of nutrient levels in the body c. Adopting healthy nutritional practices during training and competition. d. Carrying on with healthy nutritional practices during off season as well i.e when competition are not taking place.


The river rafting belt of River Ganga in Uttarakhand near Rishikesh is a popular venue among adventure-lovers and thousands of National and International tourists visit every year. It helps a lot in generating revenue and developing state’s economy. But, use of the river for recreational purposes is impacting the river environment negatively. An important social survey conducted recently found water pollution, loss of vegetation, cultural degradation and displacement of wildlife, resulting directly due to rafting and camping activities. Despite there being rules and regulations to maintain the holy river and its surroundings, violation of these norms is regularly happening, due to which there is great threat to the ecology and the river environment.


What is movement speed ? Explain the methods to develop speed endurance.

Movement speed is the time taken between the initiation of movement and the completion of the movement. It depends upon techniques, explosive strength, flexibility and coordinative abilities. It plays a vital role in boxing, gymnastics, swimming; throws and jumps etc. Where the minimum time is taken to complete the movement. To develop the speed endurance we will have to work more on pace races because pace races means running the whole distance at a constant speed.Generally, 800 meters and above races are included in pace races. As a matter of fact, an athlete’s can run a distance of 300 meters at full speed but, in longer races such as 800 meters or above races he must conserve his energy by reducing his speed. For example, if there is a runner of 800 meter race his best time is 1 minute 40 second, so, he should run first 400 m in 49 seconds and next 400m in 51 seconds. 


What role an individual can play in improvement of sport environment ?

An individual plays a very effective role in: 1. Maintaining sports facilities 2. Using essential protective equipment 3. Develop fitness of the sportsperson 4. Taking care of climatic conditions and deciding physical activities accordingly 5. Learning of proper skills 6. Proper officiating and coaching 7. Stress on drugs free environment 8. Emphasis on the attitude and behavior of coaches and other officials.