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Physical Education

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What do you understand by Disability?

Disability is the condition in which an individual is not able to perform normal human life activities due to any disadvantage.

Write down & Explain the causes of ODD.

Causes of ODD (Opporitional Defiant Disorder)

Genetic factors: If parents have the problem of mood disorder, anxiety disorder, personality disorder then there will be a lot of chances that their child may get suffered from ODD.

Biological factors: Injuries related to Brain can cause to ODD and Abnormal functioning of brain chemical or neuro transmitter can also lead to ODD.

Environmental factors: Family history, dysfunctional of family life, depression may lead towards ODD.

Write down and explain the causes of OCD.

Causes of OCD:

  1. Biological factor: OCD arises from the problem in the pathways of the brain that link the area dealing with judgement and planning with another area that filter massage involved in body movement.
  2. Genetic factors: Get passed from parents to their child such as a genetic disorder.
  3. Infection: That is caused by the STREPTOCOCCUS have linked with OCD. If this infection is untreated it may lead to the development of OCD.
  4. Environmental factors may head to get suffer from OCD such as a change in living situation, Illness, the death of love, one, school-related problem and relationship concern.

What are the causes of ADHD?

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper activity Disorder) causes are:

(1) Heredity: If parents or sibling of a child is with ADHD then the person has 4 to 5 time more prone towards ADHD.
(2) Brain function & structure: Certain area of the brain is smaller than the brain area of NON “ADHD”, Neurotransmitter imbalance can be seen in the case of ADHD.
(3) Premature Born: may lead towards the ADHD.
(4) Low Birth wt: May leads towards the ADHD.
(5) Brain damage: In the womb or Ist few years of life leads towards ADHD.
(6) Drinking Alcohol smoking & use of Drugs: has a bad effect on the working of nervous system and may lead towards the ADHD.
(7) Exposure of high level of toxic: Exposure to toxic in early age below 3 years has a bad effect on the working nervous system that may leads towards ADHD (e.g.lead)

Write down the causes of ASD.

Causes of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder):

Genetic Risk factors: In case of twins if one is suffered from ASD than 30% to 40% more chances that other will be also suffered from ASD and In case of cabling 10% to 20% more chances to be suffered from ASD. ASD tend to occur more often in people who have certain genetic or chromosomal condition such as Fringlex Syndrome. No single genes are responsible for ASD rather multiple genes are involved in ASD.

Environmental causes: When maternal exposure to certain viruses such as measles, mumps, Rubella, herpes, syphilis, cytomegalic and chemicals such as thalidomide, valproic acid during pregnancy. Children born to older parents have a greater risk to get suffer from ASD. Cerebral dysgenesis (Abnormal development of the brain) is also caused by ASD. Inborn error of metabolism is also is the cause of ASD.

Write down the causes of SPD?

Causes of SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder)

  1. Genetic components: Some of the genetic components which we get from our parents such as hypersensitivity to light & sound may lead towards SPD.
  2. Abnormal Brain structure: Due to any cause if the structure of the brain is not proper it may lead towards ASD.
  3. Injuries: at upper neck and Brainstem region may effect the working of the nervous system and leads towards SPD.
  4. Not being exposed to an appropriate amount of stimulation during the crucial developmental stage.
  5. Food allergies May leads towards SPD.
  6. Being exposed to Drugs: While in utero may lead to SPD.