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Physical Education

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Being sports captain of the school, prepare five important committees with their responsibilities to conduct one day Run for Health Race.

1. Arrangement committee 2. Technical committee 3. Transport committee 4. Boarding and lodging committee 5. Decoration committee 6. Ground and equipment committee 7. Refreshment committee 8. Committee for officials 9. Announcement committee 10. First aid committee


Write three differences between Intramurals and Extramurals.

1.It mean that the activities which are performed within the walls or within the campus of an institution are called 'intramurals.
2.These activities are organised only for the students of a school or institution.
3.No student of other school can participate in these activities.

1.It mean that the activities, which are performed outside the walls of an institution or school.
2.It mean that the activities,which are organised by an institution/school and the students of two or more schools also participate in them.
3.In extramural competition, the students of other schools also participate in sports related is also called inter-school competitions.


What is a league tournament? Draw a fixture for six teams using round robin method. 

League Tournament. In this type of tournament, each team plays with every other team once, if it is a single league tournament. If it is a double league tournament, each team plays with every other team twice. In these types of tournament, every team plays with every other team without any consideration of victory or defeat.
Fixtures of 6 teams: 
Total number of teams = 6
Total number of matches -(N-1) 6(6-1) =-2-=-2-
6(5) 30 -=- = 15 matches 2 2 .
Number of rounds = N - 1 = 6 - 1 = 5 rounds.
Fixtures I R II R IIIR IV R V R 16 CD/ 5 CDI /4 CDI/3 CDI12 CD 45 213 4 3 6 2 263 5 2 6 4 5 6 5 4, 3


Fixtures are the schedule,fixed for the matches.What is a Bye?

Bye is a privilege given to a team,generally by drawing lots, exempting it from playing a match in the first round.


Suggest the formation of various committees for systematic and smooth conduct of sports day in your school.

  1. Select members who are excited about the project : If you’ve been working with the same committee for years, they may be growing bored or frustrated with the annual undertaking.
  2.  Clearly define tasks : Progress on your event will come to a halt if your committee members don’t know what to do next. At the end of each planning session, members should know their next steps and the deadlines for completing each task.
  3.  Plan ahead : Send committee members the meeting schedule several weeks in advance so they can clear the time to attend meetings.
  4.  Establish goals and expectations : When someone joins your committee, communicate clearly how much time they should set aside to complete their tasks.