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Human Settlements

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India People And Economy

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Mention any two characteristics of sub-urbanisation.

Characteristics of sub-urbanisation :

(i) People move away from congested urban areas to cleaner areas outside the city in search of better quality of living.

(ii) Everyday thousands of people commute from their homes in the suburbs to their workplaces in the city .


Explain how technology indicates the level of cultural development of society. 

Technology indicates the level of cultural development of society. Human beings were able to develop technology after they developed better understanding of natural laws.

For Example:

(i) The understanding of concept of friction and heat helped us discover fire.

(ii) Understanding of the secrets of DNA ad genetics enabled us to conquer many diseases.

(iii) We use the laws of aerodynamics to develop faster planes.


Which is the most significant aspect of human development? 

Education and Healthy life


‘‘An important aspect of population growth in India is the growth of its adolescents.’’ Support this statement with suitable arguments.

The arguments:

(i) At present, the share of adolescents i.e., up to the age group of 10-19 years is about 20.9 per cent (2011).

(ii) Among which male adolescents constitute 52.7 per cent and female adolescents constitute 47.3 per cent.

(iii) The adolescent population, though, regarded as the youthful population having high potentials.

(iv) But at the same time they are quite vulnerable if not guided and channelised properly.

(v) There are many challenges for the society as far as these adolescents are concerned, some of which are lower age at marriage, illiteracy – particularly female illiteracy, school dropouts, low intake of nutrients, high rate of maternal mortality of adolescent mothers, high rates of HIV/AIDS infections, physical and mental disability or retardedness, drug abuse and alcoholism, juvenile delinquency and commitence of crimes, etc.