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Biotechnology : Principles and Processes

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Given below is a diagrammatic cross section of a single loop of the human cochlea.
Which one of the following options correctly represents the names of three parts? 

  • B: Perilymph
    C: SPerilymph
    D: Secretory Cells
  • C :Endolymph
    D : Sensory hair cells
    A: Serum

  • D: Sensory hair cells 
    A: Endolymph
    B: Tectorial membrane

  • A: Perilymph
    B: Tectorial membrane
    C: Endolymph


A: Perilymph
B: Tectorial membrane
C: Endolymph

Name the soil bacterium which contain gene for production of endotoxins.

Bacillus thuringiensis.

Define recombinant DNA.

Recombinant DNA is the artificially created DNA which incorporates DNA segments from different sources into one.

What are BACs and YACs ?

BACs and YACs are artificial chromosomes from bacteria and yeast used for efficient gene transfer and gene sequencing.

What is genetic engineering ?

Genetic engineering is a technique for artificially and deliberately modifying DNA (genes) to suit human needs. It is used to change the genetic makeup of the cells by using Recombinant DNA technology 

What is the role of restriction endonuclease ?

Restriction endonucleases are specific enzymes which can cleave double stranded DNA at specific sites called recognition sequences. Restriction endonucleases provide protection to the bacteria by restricting the growth of bacteriophages. They also serve as tools for Recombinant DNA technology.