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Molecular Basis of Inheritance

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Which of the following are not polymeric?

  • Nucleic acids

  • Proteins

  • Polysaccharides

  • Lipids



List the function of RNA.

Functions of RNA
RNA acts as genetic material in viruses
It also functions as an adapter and messenger 
It also acts as a catalytic molecule and catalyses various biochemical reactions.

How many nucleotides are present in a bacteriophage ϕ x 174.


Comment two chains of DNA have antiparallel polarity.

The Two chain of DNA are antiparallel that is
if one chain has 5’ x 3’ polarity the other chain has 3’ x 5’ polarity.

Name the genetic material for majority of organisms.

DNA (Deoxyribose nucleic acid)

List the number of base pairs in :

(i) lambda bacteriophage

(ii) E.coli and

(iii) haploid content of human DNA.

(i) 48502 bp
(ii) 4.6 x 106 bp and
(iii) 3.3 x 109 bp.