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Organisms and Populations

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Which one of the following is most appropriately defined?

  • Host is an organism, which provides food to another organism

  • Amensalism is a relationship in which one species is benefited whereas the other is unaffected

  • Predator is an organism that catches and kills other organism for food

  • The parasite is an organism, which always lives inside the body of other organisms and many kill it.


Predator is an organism that catches and kills other organism for food

To live in groups is beneficial because :
  • feeling of security
  • can obtain food easily
  • Partner is available for mating
  • All the above


All the above

Population density is denoted by the symbol
  • N
  • D
  • M
  • D



The number of births during a given period in the
population that are added to the initial density is 

  • Natality
  • Mortality
  • Migration
  • Immigration



Ants give information to their companions :
  • by dancing
  • by secretion of pheromones
  • by making sound
  • by defecating


by secretion of pheromones

The departure of a individual from a population is called :
  • Natality 
  • Mortality
  • Immigration 
  • Emigration