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Principles of Inheritance and Variation

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The genotypes of a Husband and Wife are IAIB and IAi. Among the blood types of their children, how many different genotypes and phenotypes are possible?

  • 3 genotypes ; 3 phenotypes

  • 3 genotypes ; 4 phenotypes

  • 4 genotypes ; 3 phenotypes

  • 4 genotypes ; 4 phenotypes


4 genotypes ; 3 phenotypes

Give one example of genetic trait for each of the following in humans : (i) Lethality (ii) Multiple allelism.

(i) Lethality : Sickle cell anaemia.

(ii) Multiple allelism : ABO blood groups.

Name the plant that shows incomplete dominance in respect of the colour of its flower.

The plany which shoes incomplete dominace in respect of the colour of its flower is -

Snapdragron ( Antirrhinum majus)


Mirabilis jalapa (Four-O- Clock plant ).

Mention the phenomenon of pleiotropy by giving an example.

Pleiotropy. When one gene controls more than one phenotypic character it is termed as pleiotropy.

Example : Sickle cell anaemia.

Name one trait that does not blend.

Sex trait .

What for symbols AA and Aa stand ?

AA : Homozygous dominant, Aa : Heterozygous dominant.