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Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

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The process of separation and purification of expressed protein before marketing is called

  • Upstream processing

  • Downstream processing

  • Bioprocessing

  • Postproduction processing


Downstream processing

Who is called the Father of White revolution ?

Dr. V. Kurien.

Explain why Inbreeding cannot be continued for long .

Inbreeding if continued causes Inbreeding depression that means  productivity and fertility of the organisms is eventually reduced. Inbreeding produces homozygous condition and exposes harmful recessive genes.

Define the livestock.

Domesticated animals reared using agricultural practices for the production of milk, hide, flesh, etc for human use.

What was the aim of white revolution ?

Increased milk production.

Give one example of each of indigenous and exotic milch breeds of cow.

Indigenous breed : Sahiwal;
Exotic breed : Brown swiss.