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It So Happened

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What did the Principal say to him, which influenced him deeply?

The Principal said to Hafeez Contractor that he had been watching him from day one. He was a good student but he never studied.The principal said to him how his mother toiled hard to bring him up inspite of his father’s death. The Principal told that he should act as a responsible grown-up person.


“... that year I did not step out onto the field.” What was he busy doing that year?

Hafeez was a good sportsperson participated in every sport actively. But after the principal's speech he focused on his study and did not step out for sports.


Would you have liked to participate in the “distraction” had you been with him?

Yes, I would have liked to participate in the game.


What did Hafeez Contractor have nightmares about?

Hafeez contractor had nightmares about appearing in for a Maths examination where he did not know anything.


What “distraction” did Hafeez Contractor create one day?

Hafeez was always trying to do some funny pranks. One day he played ‘Chor-Sipahi’ with classmates for one hour distracting everybody from the study.