What are the limitations of the Green Revolution?

Following are the limitations of the Green Revolution:

(i) Green Revolution is associated with the loss of soil fertility due to increased use of chemical fertilizers.

(ii)Continuous use of ground water for tubewell irrigation has reduced the water-level.
(iii)Green Revolution was limited to some states of India.


How is land distributed between the farmers of Palampur?

Land is a most useful requirement for farming. But unfortunately, not all the people engaged in agriculture have sufficient land for cultivation.

(i)In Palampur, about one-third of the 450 families are landless, i.e. 150 families, most of them dalits, have no land for cultivation.

(ii)Of the remaining families who own land, 240 families cultivate small plots of land less than 2 hectares in size.

(iii)Cultivation of such plots does not bring adequate income to the farmer family.

(iv)In Palampur, there are 60 families of medium and large farmers who cultivate more than 2 hectares of land.

(v)A few of the large farmers have land extending over 10 hectares or more.


Explain the disadvantages of using chemical fertilizers.

The disadvantages of using chemical fertilizers are explained below:

(i)Chemical fertilizers provide minerals which dissolve in water and soon after these are available to plants. But these may not retain in the soil for long. They may escape from the soil and pollute ground water, lakes and rivers.

(ii)These can also kill bacteria and other micro-organisms in the soil which means some time after their use, the soil will be less fertile than ever before.

(iii)The continuous use of chemical fertilizers has led to degradation of soil health.

(iv)With the use of chemical fertilizers, the cost of cultivation is rising very fast.

Mention any two factors responsible for the low yield of food grains in India.

The factors are:

(i)Small land holdings.

(ii)Obsolete technology.


Which two states have benefited from the Green Revolution?

The two states which have benefited from the Green Revolution are Punjab and Haryana.