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Class 10 Class 12
Write main causes of Renaissance.

1. Crusades.
2. Migration of scholars from Constantinople to Italy.
3. Progress in the field of science, art and literature.
4. Progress of humanism by which more stress began to be laid on individual rather than on the leading persons.

Discuss the effects of the Reformation Movement in England.
Mention any four main results of the Reformation Movement.

1. Dividing the Church into Catholic Church and Protestant Church.
2. Mutual conflict between Catholic and Protestant monarches leading to civil war.
3. Rise to Nation as a State by dissociating from Catholic Church and making National Churches.

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Write four causes of the origin of Nation-States.

1. Decline of feudalism.
2. Development of trade.
3. Growth of national language helped the growth of national literature.
4. Reformation and taking over the Catholic Churches.
5. Invention of gun-powder.
6. Now Kings were able to stand against the powerful lords.

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Mention the evil practices of the Catholic Church in Medieval Period, that led to the movement against them.

1. The Catholic remained closely associated with King and power for many centuries.

2. They preferred to live in luxury and away from the common man.

3. The Catholics were empowered to extract taxes and fines so they became the representatives of the Kings than the representative of the God.

4. Such unchallenged powers made them immoral, corrupt and indignified which finally led to revolt by the common man against the Churches.

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What do you understand by the term "Protestant Reformation"?

1. Disparity, injustice, corruption in Churches forced people to do without the priests and religion.

2. They left themselves to superstitions and misconceptions.

3. The period of Renaissance brought light of truth and facts to them and helped them to reform their life style.

4. Those who believed in scientific approach and protested against catholic religious blindness were called as Protestants and efforts in this direction were collectively known as "Protestant Reformation".

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