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New Zealand is a beautiful country located in the Southwest Pacific Ocean. New Zealand comprises of two main islands, the North and South Islands, which are separated by the Cook Strait.

New Zealand is a developed country with remarkable economic growth. She is a culturally diverse & politically stable country. The Polynesian culture here has its roots in erstwhile British culture. There are significant influences of European, American, Maori Polynesian and Asian culture.

To study in New Zealand is a fail-safe option as it has developed a reputation as a Quality Education provider over the years with accredited and well-established colleges and universities. Students who have studied at a university in New Zealand have proved to be Innovative Thinkers. New Zealand has a history of producing some of the finest academicians, for example, Sir Ernest Rutherford, the first to split the atom, and Dr. Bryan Barrett Boyes, the renowned international heart surgeon. A New Zealand education offers students the best of spoils, be it education or the amazing lifestyle one leads here.

Our Counselors in recent times is credited as a reputed consultant in Delhi, dealing with education in New Zealand. Our team and performance stand out among New Zealand Education Consultants across the country.


Top Universities in New Zealand

  • University of Auckland

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  • Victoria University of Wellington

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  • Otago Polytechnic

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  • Aspire2 International

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  • University of Otago

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  • University of Canterbury

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  • Massey University

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  • Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology

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  • University of Waikato

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  • Wellington Institute of Technology

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Why New Zealand ?

  • World Class education with Globally Recognized qualifications
    Flexible pathway programs with a variety of courses from Diplomas to Degree level
    The education system of New Zealand is based on the British Education system
    Cost of education is very reasonable when compared to UK, USA & Australia
    Students are allowed to work part-time (20 hrs per week) during their course
    Direct 1 year Job Search Visa after completion of course & Post Study Work Visa for 2 years on finding a job
    Easy PR options after study
    A highly developed, safe and lively country with excellent recreational opportunities. Considered to be a lifestyle superpower.
    StreamLine Visa process with 100% success rate
    Tuition fees need to be paid after the Visa approval

Education Company

Zigya derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Jigyasa’, meaning ‘curiosity’ forms the ethos of the company. Curiosity is the foundation of learning, which is why Zigya follows a unique model of non-pedagogical approach to learning.

Zigya’s approach is designed to ensure that students remain curious to know more and build on self-reliance having timely answers to their questions. Zigya’s endeavour is to create a platform for people in the academic world, so that they can cross leverage each other and create an environment of learning that is rich and engaging.

Zigya comes with an objective of providing a Resource Centre for all to tap into; where students learn at their own pace and in their own style. In its spirit of achieving universalization of education, Zigya Resource Centre comes absolutely free to the people who need it the most - be it students or educators.