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Previous Year Papers
For The Final Check

Never miss to catch on the questions that your seniors had to face. Best is to look for them, Exam Questions, while you study specific chapters. If you missed it, check out last ten year solved papers for each subject. If you want, you can download them and give it a try.
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    CBSE - Hindi Medium

    Class 10 | Class 12
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    Legal | Maths | English | Logic | Reasoning
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    Life Sciences
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    Physics | Chemistry | Maths
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    English | Maths | General Knowledge
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    Physics | Chemistry | Biology
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    SSC - CGL

    English | Quantitative | Reasoning
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    SSC - CHSL

    English | Quantitative | General Awareness
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    Pedagogy | Maths | Science | English
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Pre Boards
For The Final Preparation

Pre-Board Question Papers are now available online for students to practice and excel the exams based on the latest syllabus and marking scheme given by respective boards. Students can get familiar with the paper pattern and the type of questions, which they would face in the actual Board Exam. Check you answers with answer keys provided.

Sample Papers
For The Planned Preparation

Before you start your preparations, check out what your school boards have to suggest you for the paper design and marking scheme. Once you know the marking scheme, channelize your study hours accordingly. Do take self test before your final exams and stay confident.
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Zigya’s approach is designed to ensure that students remain curious to know more and build on self-reliance having timely answers to their questions. Zigya’s endeavour is to create a platform for people in the academic world, so that they can cross leverage each other and create an environment of learning that is rich and engaging.

Zigya comes with an objective of providing a Resource Centre for all to tap into; where students learn at their own pace and in their own style. In its spirit of achieving universalization of education, Zigya Resource Centre comes absolutely free to the people who need it the most - be it students or educators.