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Plant growth and development

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Class 10 Class 12
 Plants which cannot tolerate excessive moisture are called __________.


__________ are the plants which occur


Plants which are able to survive in dry regions are called __________.


Tiny animals or organisms living in the ocean water are called __________.


Distinguish between Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems.

Terrestrial Ecosystem : Natural ecological groups of plants and animals extend over large areas. Each of major terrestrial ecosystem or terrestrial areas with their group of plants and associated animals, have different type of biomes including tropical rainforests, savanna, mediterranean, deciduous, grasslands, deserts, taiga and tundra.

Aquatic Ecosystem : There are many kinds of aquatic ecosystems that differ widely with regard to abiotic factors. The aquatic ecosystems range from open ocean to small temporary puddles, have conditions of salinity, depth and fluctuations of temperature.