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Degrees Available for Polytechnic Stream

Check out various degrees available under Polytechnic stream.

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Architectural Assistantship

Automobile Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering - Industry Integrated

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electronics (Microprocessor)

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Fashion Design

Food Technology

Garment Technology

Information Technology

Instrumentation Technology

Interior Design and Decoration

Leather Technology

Leather Technology (Footwear)

Library and Information Sciences

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning)

Mechanical Engineering (Tool and Die)

Marine Engineering

Medical Laboratory Technology

Plastic Technology

Production and Industrial Engineering

Textile Design

Textile Processing

Textile Technology (Spinning)

Textile Technology (Weaving)

Textile Technology (Knitting)