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Degrees Available for ITI Courses Stream

Check out various degrees available under ITI Courses stream.
Tool & Die Maker (Press Tool. Jigs & Fixtures)
Draughtsman Civil
Draughtsman Mechanical
Electronics Mechanic
Information Technology & Electronic System Maintenance
Instrument Mechanic
Machinist Grinder
Mechanic Motor Vehicle
Radio & TV Mechanic
Radiology Technician
Refrigeration & Air Conditioner Mechanic
Automobile Sector
Electrical Sector
Information Technology Sector
Production & Manufacturing Sector
Painter (General)
Architectural Assistant
Auto Electrician
Automotive Body Repair
Automotive Paint Repair
Computer Hardware & Networking
Dent Beating & Spray Painting
Mechanic Diesel
Mechanic Tractor
Interior Decoration & Designing
Plastic Processing Operator
Scooter & Auto Cycle Mechanic
Sheet Metal Worker
Steel Fabricator
Welder (Gas & Electric)
Baker & Confectionery
Commercial Art
Computer Operator & Programming Assistant (COPA)
Craftsman Food Production (Gen.)
Cutting & Sewing (Co-ed)
Cutting & Sewing (Girls)
Desktop Publishing Operator
Digital Photography
Dress Designing
Dress Making
Embroidery & Needle Work
Fashion Technology
Health & Sanitary Inspector
Hair & Skin Care
Hospital House Keeping
Li-tho Offset Machine Minder
Office Assistant cum Computer Operator
Secretarial Practice (English)
Steno English
Steno Hindi
StewardCall Centre Assistant
Textile Designing
Corporate House Keeping
Data Entry Operator
Domestic House Keeping
Front Office Assistant
Event Management Assistant
Office Machine Operator
Tourist Guide