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 Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions


Five friends Satish. Rajesh, Rehman. Rakesh. and Vineet. – each presents one paper to their class on Physics. Zoology, Botany, English, or Geology – one day a week. Monday through Friday.

(i) Vineet does not present English and does not give his presentation on Tuesday.

(ii) Rajesh makes the Geology presentation, and does not do it on Monday or Friday.

(iii) The Physics presentation is made on Thursday.

(iv) Rehman makes his presentation, which is not on English, on Wednesday.

(v) The Botany presentation is on Friday, and not by Rakesh.

(vi) Satish makes his presentation on Monday.

What day is the English presentation made?

  • Friday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  •  Wednesday




(i) In a family of six persons. there are people from three generations. Each person has separate profession and also each one likes different colours. There are two couples in the family.

(ii) Charan is a CA and his wife neither is a doctor nor likes green colour.

(iii) Engineer likes red colour and his wife is a teacher.

(iv) Vanita is mother-in-law of Namita and she likes orange colour.

(v) Mohan is grandfather of Raman and Raman, who is a principal, likes black colour.

(vi) Sarita is granddaughter of Vanita and she likes blue colour. Sarita„s mother likes white colour.

Who is an Engineer?

  • Sarita
  • Vanita
  • Namita
  • Mohan