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Three capacitors of capacitances 1 µF, 2µF and 4μF are connected first in a series combination and then in a parallel combination. The ratio their equivalent capacitances will be

  • 2 : 49

  • 49 : 2

  • 4 : 49

  • 49 : 4


A parallel plate capacitor with air as the dielectric has capacitance C. A slab of dielectric constant K and having the same thickness as the separation between the plates is introduced so as to fill one-fourth of the capacitor as shown in the figure. The new capacitance will be


  • K + 3C4

  • K + 2C4

  • K + 1C4

  • KC4


A parallel palte condenser is filled with two dielectrics as shown in figure. Area of each pate is A m2 and the separation is d metre. The dielectric constants are K1 and K2 respectively. Its capacitance in farad will be


  • 2 εoAdK1 + K2K1 K2

  • 2εo Ad K1 K2K1 + K2

  • εo Ad K1 + K22K1 K2

  • εo A K1 K22 d2 K1 + d1K2 


Two equal negative charges - q are fixed at the point (0, a) and (0, - a) on the y-axis. A positive charge Q is released from rest at the point (2a, 0) on the x-axis. The charge wil

  • execute SHM about the origin

  • move to the origin and remain at rest

  • move to infinity

  • execute oscillatory but not SHM


A charged particle is accelerated by a potential of 200 V. If its velocity is 8.4 × 108 m/s, then value  of e/m for that particle is

  • 17.6 × 1016

  • 14.5 × 1012

  • 1.76 × 1015

  • 1.45 × 1015


Two capacitors of capacities C1 and C2 are charged upto the potential V1 and V2 then condition for not flowing the charge between on connected them in parallel is

  • C1 = C2

  • C1V1 = C2V2

  • V1 =V2

  • C1V2 =C2V2


If V =ary, then electric field at a point will be proportional to

  • r

  • -1

  • r -2

  • r2


Electric field at point 20 cm away from the centre of dielectric sphere is 100 V/m, radius of sphere is 10 cm, then the value of electric field at a distance 3 cm from the centre is

  • 100 V/m

  • 125 V/m

  • 120 V/m

  • 0


Magnetic field of the earth is H =0.3 g. A magnet is vibrating 5 oscillations per min then the dippreciation required in the magnetic field of the earth of increase time period upto 10 oscillations per minute is

  • 2.25 g

  • 0.6 g

  • 0.9 g

  • 0.12 g



Two small balls, each carrying a charge q are suspended by equal insulator strings of length l m from the hook of a stand. This arrangement is carried in a satellite in space. The tension in each string will be

  • 14πε0 ql2

  • 14πε0 q24l2

  • 14πε0 q2l2

  • 14πε0 ql


14πε0 q24l2

Suppose, T be the tension in the spring T. Also in the satellite, two balls will be in a straight line.

So, force acting on the balls
           F = 14πε0 q22l2              ......(i)

This force will be balanced by tension in the string

             T = F                          ......(ii)

Now from equatin (i) and (ii) we get

         T = 14πε0 q24l2