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Drinking of mineral water with very low level of pesticides (about 0.02 ppm) for long periods may:

  • produce immunity against mosquito

  • cause leukemia (blood cancer) in most people

  • cause cancer of the intestine

  • lead to accumulation of pesticide residues in body fat


lead to accumulation of pesticide residues in body fat

Pesticides are poisonous. They harm more than just the pests at which they are targeted. They are toxic and their exposure can lead to number of health effects. It can lead to respiratory problems to cancer. 

Human body stores many pesticides in fat beforethey are removed from the body by the liver or kidneys. Pesticides are stored in fat and can build up in larger quantities in the bodies of older adults.


Green muffler is used against which type of pollution ?

  • Air

  • Soil

  • Water

  • Noise



Green plants are being planted around the road side to check the noise pollution. This is known as green mu filer. Noise pollution is measured in decibels.


CO is a pollutant because

  • it reacts with O2

  • it inhibits glycolysis

  • it reacts with haemoglobin

  • it makes nervous system inactive


it reacts with haemoglobin

Carbon monoxide (CO) after inhalation combines with blood haemoglobin to form carboxy haemoglobin at a rate 200 times faster than the rate at which oxygen forms oxyhaemoglobin.


In almost all Indian metropolitan cities like Delhi, the major atmospheric pollutant(s) is/are:

  • suspended particulate matter (SPM)

  • oxides of sulphur

  • carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide

  • oxides of nitrogen


suspended particulate matter (SPM)

In almost all Indian metropolitan cities like Delhi, the major atmospheric pollutnats are SO2, NOand particulate matter in which the SPM (Suspended Particulate Matter) in Delhi's air exceeds the permitted levels by over 100%.


The sphere of living matter together with water, air and soil on the surface of earth is called

  • atmosphere

  • hydrosphere

  • lithosphere

  • biosphere



Biosphere is the biologically inhabited part of earth along with its abiotic or physiochemical components. It consists of three sub- divisions, namely, atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere.

(i) Atmosphere refers to the transparent gaseous mantle surrounding the earth.

(ii) Lithosphere refers to the outer solid crust of earth.

(iii) Hydrosphere is liquid mantle of earth.


Which of the following is formed by the reactions of UV-rays of sunlight?

  • SO2

  • CO

  • Ozone

  • Florides



Ozone layer is present in stratosphere protects us from harmful UV radiations of sun. zone is formed in the atmosphere through chemical reactions involving certain pollutants (SO2, NO2 and aldehydes) on absorption of UV radiations.


Which of the following statement is correct about DDT

  • It is a biomagnifying biodegradable pollutant

  • It is non biomagnifying biodegradable pollutant

  • It is biomagnifying non biodegradable pollutant

  • It is not a pollutant


It is biomagnifying non biodegradable pollutant

DDT has been recently banned because it is non-biodegradable and biomagnifying pollutant. Biomagnification means the increase in amount of DDT in the body of organism along with the increase in trophic level. Hence, the amount of DDT in 1st trophic level will be minimum and in top consumer will be maximum.


Which of the following is not a pollutant?

  • Hydrogen

  • Carbon dioxide

  • Sulphur dioxide

  • Carbon monooxide



Among all the four options, hydrogen is not a pollutant, rest all are. Sulphur dioxide (SO2) and Carbon monoxide (CO) are the main constituents of atmosphere. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a pollutant at higher concentration as it causes green house effect.


Main air pollutant is :

  • CO

  • CO2

  • S

  • N2



Carbon monoxide (CO) is the main pollutant of atmosphere. The maximum emission of CO occurs due to burning of petrol. In human beings, it causes headache and difficulty in breathing. The haemoglobin has greater affinity for CO than oxygen.


Which country has the greatest contribution for the hole formation in ozone layer?

  • USA

  • Germany

  • Russia

  • Japan



USA along release 37% of CFCs.