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hnRNA undergoes two additional processes. Out of them in one process an unusual nucleotide (methyl GPT) is added to the 5' end of the molecule. What would you call this?

  • Tailing

  • Splicing

  • Termination

  • Capping


Variation in gene frequencies within a population can occur by chance rather than by natural selection. This is referred to as

  • Genetic flow

  • Genetic drift

  • Random mating

  • Genetic load


Which of the following DNA sequences qualifies to be designated as a palindrome?

  • 5'-GACCAG'3 in one strand

  • 3'GACCAG-5' in one strand

  • 5-GACGAG-3', 3'-CIGGIC-5'

  • 5'-AGCGCT-3', 3'-TCGCGA-5'



Munch hypothesis is based on

  • Translocation of food due to Turgor Pressure (TP) gradient and imbibition force

  • Translocation of food due to Turgor Pressure (TP) gradient

  • Translocation of food due to imbition force

  • None of the above


Translocation of food due to Turgor Pressure (TP) gradient

Munch hypothesis is based on the movement of phloem sap along a turgor pressure gradient. The mass flow of organic solutes takes place from the site of higher concentration, (source) to the site of lower concentration (sink).


Biolistic technique is used in

  • Gene transfer process

  • Tissue culture process

  • Hybridisation process

  • Germplasm conservation process


Genetic material found in Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is

  • Double stranded RNA

  • Single stranded RNA

  • Double stranded DNA

  • Single stranded DNA


DNA replication occurs in

  • G1-phase

  • S-phase

  • G2-phase

  • M-phase


 The vector for T-DNA is

  • Thermus aquaticus

  • Salmonella typhimurium

  •  Agrobacterium tumefaciens

  • Escherichia coli


Viroids have

  • ssRNA not enclosed by a protein coat

  • ssDNA not enclosed by a protein coat

  • dsDNA enclosed by a protein coat

  •  dsRNA enclosed by protein coat


Probes, used in DNA fingerprinting, are initially

  • Single-stranded RNA

  • Mini-satellite

  • 19base long oligonucleotide

  •  All of the above