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Match the following genes of the Lac operon with their respective products :

A. i gene (i) β-galactosidase
B. z gene (ii) Permease
C. a gene (iii) Repressor
D. y gene (iv) Transacetylase

Select the correct option

  • A - (iii); B - (i); C - (ii); D - (iv)

  • A - (iii); B - (i); C - (iv); D - (ii)

  • A - (iii); B - (i); C - (i); D - (ii)

  • A - (i); B - (iii); C - (ii); D - (iv)


A - (iii); B - (i); C - (iv); D - (ii)

In lac operon,

i gene - Repressor

z gene - β-galactosidase

y gene - Permease

a gene - Transacetylase


DNA precipitation out of a mixture of biomolecules can be achieved by treatment with

  • Chilled ethanol

  • Methanol at room temperature

  • Chilled chloroform

  • Isopropanol


Which of the following features of genetic code does allow bacteria to produce human insulin by recombinant DNA technology?

  • Genetic code is redundant

  • Genetic code is nearly universal

  • Genetic code is specific

  • Genetic code is not ambiguous


Purines found both in DNA and RNA are

  • Adenine and guanine

  • Guanine and cytosine

  • Cytosine and thymine

  • Adenine and thymine