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 Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions


Coconut's husk fibre, coir of commerce is extracted from

  • epicarp

  • mesocarp

  • endocarp

  • all of these


In one plant adventitious roots are modified for storage and in the other plant a lateral branch with short internodes and each node bearing a rosette of leaves and a tuft of roots is found. They are

  • Sweet potato and Pistia

  • Eichhornia and jasmine

  • Carrot and mint

  • Turnip and Chrysanthemum

  • Turnip and Chrysanthemum


The type of placentation seen in Argemone and Primrose are respectively

  • Axile and free-central

  • Parietal and free-central

  • Parietal and basal

  • Marginal and free-central

  • Marginal and free-central


Consider the following characters with respect to the gynoeciun of Fabaceae and choose the correct options given below.

(A) Ovary monocarpellary

(B) Many styles

(C) Placenta swollen

D) Superior ovary

(E) Axile placentation

  • (A), (D) and (E) only

  • (D) and (E) only

  • (A) and (B) Only

  • (A) and (D) only

  • (A) and (D) only


Which of the followings are the characteristic features of Solanaceae?

(A) Exstipulate leaves

(B) Persistent calyx

(C) Racemose inflorescence

(D) Unilocular ovary

(E) Fruits are either berry or capsule

  • (A), (B) and (E) are correct

  • (A), (C) and (D) are correct

  • (A) only is correct

  • (B) only is correct

  • (B) only is correct


Which of the following part of dicot root is made up of cells with suberin deposition in tangential as well as radial walls?

  • Epidermis

  • Endodermis

  • Cortex

  • Pericycle

  • Pericycle


In one plant, underground stems are modified to store food and in another plant, the stem tendrils develop from axillary buds to help plants climb. They are

  • Ginger, Cucumber

  • Carrot, Jasmine

  • Sweet potato, Bougainvillea

  • Opuntia, Eichhornia

  • Opuntia, Eichhornia


Consider the following statements

(A) In leguminous plants, leaf base becomes swollen, called pulvinus

(B) The fleshy leaves of onion and garlic store food

(C) The buds in Australian Acacia tree become green and synthesise food

(D) In Alstonia, leaves show alternate phyllotaxy

Of the above statements

  • (B) and (D) are correct

  • (A) and (C) are correct

  • (A) and (B) are correct

  • (A) and (D) are correct

  • (A) and (D) are correct


Select the wrong statement

  • Indigofera is used as a dye

  • Ashwagandha is a medicinal plant

  • Seeds are non-endospermous in Fabaceae

  • Leaves are alternate, simple and exstipulate in Solanaceae

  • Leaves are alternate, simple and exstipulate in Solanaceae


Which of these is an example for a zygomorphic flower with diadelphous stamens and marginal placentation?

  • Pea

  • Lemon

  • Brinjal

  • Cucumber

  • Cucumber