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Maintenance is the specific stage of learning which is antecedent to stage of learning.

  • motivation

  • generalisation

  • independent

  • acquisition


Which is not included in the levels of inductive reasoning?

  • Observation

  • Generalisation

  • Experiment

  • Imagination


Development of concepts is primarily a part of

  • intellectual development

  • physical development

  • social development

  • emotional development


For the development or formation of concept in the student, the teacher should

  • follow simple to complex method of teaching

  • provide opportunity to the student for ample experience

  • provide opportunity to the student for transfer of formed concepts

  • follow all the above activities


How would you help children in your class to make changes in their concepts?

  • By dictating the information to the children and then asking them to memorize it

  • By punishing children if their concepts are wrong

  • By giving factual information

  • By giving children an opportunity to express their own understanding of the concept


Formation of concepts is a _______ process.

  • difficult

  • irregular

  • periodical

  • cumulative


Nowadays, there is a tendency to refer to 'wrong concepts' of children as 'alternative conceptions'. This could be attributed to

  • using fancy terms to describe children's errors

  • children being thought of as adult-like in their thinking

  • children's understanding being nuanced and their being passive in their own learning

  • recognition that children are capable of thinking and their thinking is different from that of adults


Knowing the naive conceptions that students bring to the classroom

  • does not serve any purpose of the teacher

  • pulls down the teacher's morale, since it increases his work

  • helps the teacher to plan teaching more meaningfully

  • hampers the teacher's planning and teaching