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Grading, coding, marking and credit accumulation systems are some of the examples of

  • symbolising position of children in the class

  • depicting the academic progress in report card

  • scoring procedure of assessment of learner's achievement

  • evaluation procedure of answer sheets of the examination


Assessment of learner's achievement helps the teachers

  • to evaluate the effectiveness of pedagogy

  • make ability grouping of learners in the classrooms

  • prepare activity log for teaching

  • maintain the performance record of learners


Christina took her class for a field trip and after corning back, she discussed the trip with her students. It may be connotated as

  • assessment for learning

  • learning for assessment

  • learning of assessment

  • assessment of learning


Creative answers require

  • content-based questions

  • open-ended questions

  • a highly disciplined classroom

  • direct teaching and direct questions


Which of the following is not an appropriate tool for Formative Assessment?

  • Oral questions

  • Term test

  • Quiz and games

  • Assignment


Diagnosis of the gaps in the learning of students should be followed by

  • intensive drill and practice

  • systematic revision of all lessons

  • reporting the findings to learners and parents

  • appropriate remedial measures


The main purpose of assessment should be

  • to measure the achievement of learners

  • to decide if a student should be promoted to the next class

  • to diagnose and remedy gaps in learning

  • to point out the errors of the learners


Among the following which cannot be the part of CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation)?

  • Cumulative Record

  • Assignments

  • Parents-Teachers Meeting

  • Anecdotal Record


"All those activities are undertaken by teachers and by their students in assessing themselves, which provide information to be used as feedback to modify the teaching and learning activities in which they are engaged" refers to

  • achievement test

  • assessment

  • examination

  • learning


All of the following promote assessment as learning except

  • telling students to take internal feedback

  • generating a safe environment for students to take chances

  • tell students to reflect on the topic taught

  • testing students as frequently as possible