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________ involves self-awareness and control of cognitive abilities, e.g. planning, reviewing and revising, etc.

  • Metacognition

  • Cognition

  • Accommodation

  • Centration


The concept of object permanence is attained during Piaget's ________ stage of development.

  • preoperational

  • concrete operational

  • formal operational

  • sensorimotor


According to Piaget, the second stage of cognitive development is

  • sensorimotor stage

  • Formal operations stage

  • pre-operations stage

  • concrete operations stage


According to Piaget, during the first stage of development (birth to about 2 years age), a child learns best

  • by comprehending neutral words

  • by thinking in an abstract fashion

  • by applying newly acquired knowledge of language

  • by using the senses 


'Self-regulation' of learners refers to

  • creating regulations for student behaviour

  • rules and regulations made by the student body

  • self-discipline and control

  • their ability to monitor their own learning


According to Piaget's cognitive theory of learning, the process by which the cognitive structure is modified is called

  • perception

  • accommodation

  • assimilation

  • schema


According to Kohlberg, the thinking process involved in judgments about questions of right and wrong is called

  • morality co-operation

  • moral reasoning

  • moral realism

  • moral dilemma


The stage of cognitive development, according to Piaget, in which a child displays 'object permanence' is

  • concrete operational stage

  • formal operational stage

  • sensorimotor stage

  • pre-operational stage


Concrete operation stage of Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory is not characterised by the following abilities

  • Reversibility of thoughts

  • Mental conflict

  • Conservation

  • Use of serial ordering and part-whole concepts


According to Kohlberg's theory of moral development and his various stages, which one of the following is not a level proposed by him?

  • Ego-centric judgement

  • Interpersonal concordance orientation

  • Individualism and exchange orientaion

  • Social contract legalistic orientation