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The development from central part of the body towards peripheries or extremities denotes the

  • principles of decentralised development

  • principles of proximodistal development

  • principles of cascade development

  • principles of radiated development


Which of the following is the first step of growth and development?

  • Physical development

  • Social development

  • Moral development

  • Mental development


What is the factor influencing physical development?

  • Heredity

  • Environment

  • Sports and exercise

  • All of these


Understanding the principles of development of a child helps a teacher in

  • identifying the economic background of the learner

  • rationalizing why the learner ought to be taught

  • effectively catering to the different learning styles of learners

  • identifying the social status of the learner


Heredity is considered as a _______ social structure.

  • secondary

  • dynamic

  • static

  • primary


Individual learners differ from each other in

  • rate of development

  • sequence of development

  • general capacity for development

  • principles of growth and development


The statement: 'An important precondition for the proper development of a child is ensuring her/his healthy physical development' 

  • maybe incorrect as development varies from individual to individual

  • is true because physical development occupies the topmost place in the sequence of development

  • is true because physical development is interrelated with other domains of development

  • is untrue as physical development does not affect other domains of development in any way


Human development is based on certain principles. Which of the following is not a principle of human development?

  • Sequentiality

  • General to Specific

  • Reversible

  • Continuity


Development starts from

  • post-childhood stage

  • pre-natal stage

  • the stage of infancy

  • pre-childhood stage


Science and art exhibitions, music and dance shows and bringing out school magazines, are meant to

  • provide a creative channel for learners

  • train students for various professions

  • establish a name for the school

  • satisfy the parents