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While appearing in an assessment, Devika finds her arousal as energising, whereas Rajesh finds his arousal as discouraging. Their emotional experiences are most likely to differ with respect to

  • the level of adaptation

  • the intensity of thought

  • the duration of time

  • the extremity of emotion


How is intensity of emotions expressed during adolescence period?

  • Adverse family relations

  • Problem of occupation

  • Adjustment with new situation

  • All of the above


The children whose intelligence quotient (IQ) is above 140 will be categorized in category of

  • Moron

  • Dull

  • Average

  • Genius


What is the meaning of individual differences?

  • Differences in the physique of two individuals

  • Any two individual are not equal and similar in respect of physique, mental ability, and emotional status

  • Any two individuals are equal and similar in respect of physique and mental ability

  • None of the above


Emotion is originated through.

  • habits

  • instincts

  • physical development

  • formation of concepts


In which of the following conditions the social and emotional development of the child will occur in good manner?

  • When the child is considered important and his feelings are respected

  • When the child is told to learn more and more

  • When the child gets good marks in the class

  • When the child is taught according to his intellectual level


Which one of these statements in the context of emotions, learning, and motivation is most appropriate?

  • Emotions need to be pushed aside to allow for learning to take place

  • Emotions are inextricable intertwined with motivation and learning

  • Emotions do not play any role in motivating us to learn

  • Learning something new is dependent on how good we are at that


Even children of the same age vary greatly in appearance, abilities, temperament, interests, aptitude amongst other things.

What is the role of the school in this regard?

  • Lay down normative standards of assessment for children

  • Ensure that the teacher uses standardized instruction and textbooks

  • Ensure that all children develop in the same manner

  • Ensure that each child gets opportunities to develop as per her potential


Which of the following is not a projective test of personality?

  • Rorschach Ink Blot Test

  • TAT

  • Word Association Test

  • 16 PF Test


________ gave the concept of collective unconscious.

  • Jung

  • Freud

  • Adler

  • Sullivan