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Society determines the roles of male and female. This statement articulates

  • gender as a hereditary endowment

  • gender as an intuitive construct

  • gender as a social construct

  • gender as an inherent construct


The statement 'Men are generally more intelligent than women'

  • maybe true

  • shows gender bias

  • is true for different domains of intelligence

  • is true


A good textbook avoids

  • gender equality

  • social responsibility

  • gender bias

  • gender sensitivity


A good school avoids which of the following?

  • Social responsibility

  • Gender equality

  • Gender bias

  • Gender sensitivity


Features assigned due to social roles and not due to biological endowment are called

  • gender role attitudes

  • gender role strain

  • gender role stereotype

  • gender role diagnosticity


Which one of the following may be the criteria of gender parity in a society?

  • Comparison of number of male and female teachers in school

  • Equal number of distinctions achieved by boys and girls in Class 12

  • Comparison of number of boys and girls who survive upto Class 12

  • Whether the girl students are allowed to participate in competitions organised outside the school


A lot of debate surrounds whether girls and boys have specific sets of abilities due to their genetic materials. Which one of the following are you most likely to agree with in this context?

  • Girls are socialized to be caring while boys are discouraged to show emotions such as crying

  • Boys cannot be caring since they are born that way

  • After puberty boys and girls cannot play with each other since their interests are complete opposites

  • All girls have inherent talent for arts while boys are genetically programmed to be better at aggressive sports


A lot of children in India, especially girls do household chores before coming to school and after going back from school. What do you think a teacher should do regarding homework in this context?

  • The teacher should give homework that connects the learning at school to the children's lives at home

  • The teacher should ensure that the children wake up early in the morning and stay till late to complete their homework

  • Ask the parents of the children to get tuition for completing the homework for their children

  • She should give harsh punishment to the children who do not complete their homework


Gender bias refers to

  • genetic differences that exist between boys and girls

  • perception of self as relatively feminine and masculine in characteristics

  • acknowledgement of differences between boys and girls due to their physiology

  • differential treatment of boys and girls based on expectations due to cultural attitudes


A textbook of Class VIII has following illustrations women as teachers and maids while men as doctors-and pilots.This type of depiction is likely to promote

  • gender role play

  • gender constancy

  • gender empowerment

  • gender stereotyping