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Ravi repairs appliances by testing hypothesis about the cause of the malfunction based on his experiences with the symptoms. He uses

  • algorithms

  • mental set

  • heuristics

  • insight


Divya often divides the assigned job into small tasks which she can handle easily. She is using

  • secondary elaboration

  • subgoal analysis

  • functional fixedness

  • reductionism


Providing teaching-learning materials in accessible formats to the diverse learners implies

  • Universal Code of Teaching Practices

  • Universal Humanistic Approach of Teaching

  • Universal Design of Learning

  • Universal Inclusive Education Ethical Considerate


Teaching learners at varying levels of difficulty based on the ability of individual learner is known as

  • Selective instruction

  • Precision teaching

  • Errorless instruction

  • Differentiated instruction


A teacher is teaching children by demonstration of a task to correct the performances of an already learned task. He is using ________ method of teaching.

  • observation

  • correction

  • modelling

  • imitation


According to Mann and Janis, decision-maker children analyse the problem, list the alternatives and weigh each option for its advantages and disadvantages. His behavior reflects

  • vigilant

  • autocratic

  • outgoing

  • surveillance


In thinking, a child as a problem solver evaluates the truth or likelihood of statements.

  • aesthetic

  • logical

  • abstract

  • creative


The task in which the children get experience while enjoying themselves is known as

  • consumer type task

  • producer type task

  • problem type task

  • drill and practice task


Multisensory approach in teaching-learning is the simultaneous use of visual, auditory, tactile and senses to enhance learning.

  • vestibular

  • perceptual

  • observational

  • kinesthetic


If you join a teacher fraternity and choose to dress like most of the others in your group, you are exhibiting

  • obedience

  • conformity

  • compliance

  • group identity