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School is an institution of socialisation of children, where

  • school routines occupy the central position

  • school activities occupy the central position

  • school teachers occupy the central position

  • schoolchildren occupy the central position


The most intense and crucial socialisation takes place

  • during adolescence

  • during early childhood

  • during adulthood

  • throughout the life of a person


Teachers are advised to involve their learners in group activities because besides facilitating learning, they also help in

  • anxiety

  • socialization

  • value conflicts

  • aggression


Child socialisation does not refer to

  • mould basic values

  • a process that occurs at once

  • highlight the formal aspects

  • take ideal expectations seriously


The conclusion 'Children can learn violent behaviour depicted in movies' may be derived on the basis of the work done by which of the following psychologist?

  • Edward L Thorndike

  • J B Watson

  • Albert Bandura

  • Jean Piaget


Students observe fashion shows and try to imitate models. This kind of imitation may be called

  • primary simulation

  • secondary simulation

  • social learning

  • generalisation


Which one of the following is correctly matched?

  • Physical development  Environment

  • Cognitive development  Maturation

  • Social development  Environment

  • Emotional development  Maturation


Socialization includes cultural transmission and

  • discourages rebellion

  • development of individual personality

  • fits children into labels

  • provides emotional support


Theory of social learning emphasises on which of the following factors?

  • Nature

  • Nurture

  • Adaptation

  • Emendation


By placing students in the least restricted school environment, the school

  • equalises the educational opportunities for girls and disadvantaged groups

  • normalizes the lives of children from deprived groups who were increasing the linkage of school with the parents and communities of these children

  • gets disadvantaged children's involvement in activities such as science fairs and quizzes

  • sensitises other children not to bully or to put the disadvantaged children down