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If a, b and c are any three non-zero real numbers and, a2 = b3 = c4 = 2a - 3b + 5cA, then the value of A is

  • 7

  • 9

  • 11

  • 15


Place of Mathematics education in the curricular framework is positioned on twin concerns.

  • What Mathematics education can do to improve the score of students in summative examination and how it can help to choose right stream in higher classes?

  • What Mathematics can do to retain every child in school and how it can help them to be self-dependent?

  • What Mathematics education can do to improve communication skills of every child and how it can make them employable after school?

  • What Mathematics education can do to engage the mind of every student and how it can strengthen the student's resources?


In a Mathematics classroom, emphasis is placed on

  • problem solving strategies

  • mathematical algorithms and processes

  • mathematical content

  • mathematical content, process and reasoning


Factors of x2 +32x + 4 are

  • x + 22x - 2

  • x + 22x + 2

  • x - 22x - 2

  • x - 22x + 2


As per national curriculum framework 2005, the sequence of Mathematics

  • Before language

  • After language

  • After science

  • After social science


Some students of your class are repeatedly not able to do well in mathematics examinations and tests. As a teacher you would

  • give more tests for practice

  • explain the consequences of not doing well

  • diagnose the causes and take steps for

  • make them sit with high achievers


Consider the following statement. "Every odd natural number is a prime number." Which of the following methods of "proof can be used to prove/disprove the above statement?

  • Direct proof

  • Method of disproof

  • Proof by contrapositive

  • Proof by contradiction


Representation' in Mathematics does not refer to

  • expressing an important geometrical result as a theorem

  • expressing the given data through graphs

  • expressing the number sequence through geometrical patterns

  • expressing the relation between two variables as an equation


Which objectives achieves a teacher in classroom teaching?

  • Cognitive

  • Affective

  • Psychomotor

  • All of these


Suitable method of Mathematics teaching is

  • lecturer method

  • demonstration method

  • inductive-deductive method

  • All of the above